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Introducing the Tritensil® SILVER Antimicrobial Eating Utensil

Silver (Ag) [47]

The new Regular and Mini sized Tritensil Silver models are the first outdoor eating utensils to contain Agion Antimicrobial Technology, which provides a continuous and long lasting release of Silver Ions (Ag+) to control the growth of odor causing bacteria.

These Silver Ions have been proven to inhibit the growth of various microorganisms on the surface of Tritensil Silver eating utensils.

How Silver Works

Silver Ions work by first penetrating and then destabilizing bacteria cell wall membranes. Once inside, they interfere with the cells enzymes, proteins and DNA, preventing the bacteria from performing even their most basic functions such as respiration, nutrient processing and reproduction. The Silver Ions multi-pronged attacks greatly reduces the number of odor causing bacteria.

The Tritensil Silver

Agion silver technology allows the surface of the Tritensil to resist the deteriorating effects of mold and mildew as well as to mitigate the development of odors associated with bacterial growth.

* This product does not protect users against disease causing organisms. Always clean thoroughly after use.